Ahearn- Social Studies

Ahearn Social Studies Homework Week of October 15, 2018

(Be sure to check assignments daily as they are subject to change.)

The majority of daily work will get done in the classroom; however, if your child does not finish an assignment in class, he /she will have the opportunity to take it home if it is not being graded until the next day.

**If students are absent they need to meet with me the morning they return to school. I do not have a study hall and no time to give on-on-one attention in class.***

Monday: Computer lab to change passwords for online book. Read pages 62-65. Complete Lesson 2 #1-5 only.  HW: Complete Lesson 2 # 1-5 only. Chapter 3 Test Friday, Oct. 19.

Tuesday: Finish reading pages 65-69. Complete Lesson 2 pages 2-3. Correct in class. Complete Review 3-2 (if time.) HW: Chapter 3 Test Friday, Oct. 19.

Wednesday: Complete summary notes for Lesson 2. Complete Review 3-2 if needed. Copy sample essay for Ch. 3 Test. HW:  Chapter 3 Test Friday, Oct. 19.

Thursday: TBD- possible video. HW: Chapter 3 Test Friday, Oct. 19.

Friday: Collect Extra-credit cards. Chapter 3 Test (essay and short answer first.)    HW: None