Ahearn- Social Studies

Ahearn Social Studies Homework Week of February 11, 2019 (revised 2/15)

(Be sure to check assignments daily as they are subject to change.)

The majority of daily work will get done in the classroom; however, if your child does not finish an assignment in class, he /she will have the opportunity to take it home if it is not being graded until the next day.

Monday:Read Junior Scholastic pages 8-11. Complete Map Search- China worksheet page 11 (use complete sentences.) HW: Complete Map Search- China worksheet page 11 (use complete sentences.) 

Tuesday: No School- weather.

Wednesday: Create names in Chinese. Collect Map Search- China. HW: Finish Chinese name (if needed.)

Thursday: Chinese Artifact Kit from U of I Extension office.. Passed back Ch. 10 Test. HW: Begin Chapter 7 vocabulary. Due Monday.

Friday: Preview Chapter 7. Read pages 171-173. HW: Chapter 7 vocabulary. Due Tuesday, 2/19.