Ahearn- Social Studies

Ahearn Social Studies Homework Week of February 20, 2018 
(Be sure to check assignments daily as they are subject to change.) 
The majority of daily work will get done in the classroom; however, if your child does not finish an assignment in class, he /she will have the opportunity to take it home if it is not being graded until the next day.
Students will be answering Daily Oral Geography (D.O.G.) questions every day as Bell Work from now until the end of the year. 

Monday: No School- Presidents' Day. HW: Ch. 7 Essay Test Wed. 2/21.

Tuesday: Brainstorm and share ideas for Essay.  HW: Ch. 7 Essay Test Wed. 2/21.

Wednesday: Write Ch. 7 Essay part of test in class. Continue JS Map  activity. HW: Finish JS- Map of Greece worksheet (complete sentences.)

Thursday: Preview Chapter 8- Greek Civilization. Read pages 209-211. Pass out vocabulary list and test outline. HW: Ch. 8 Vocabulary definitions due Monday, Feb. 26.  

Friday: Read pages 212-219. Complete Lesson 1 #1-7.  HW: Ch. 8 Vocabulary definitions due Monday, Feb. 26.  Finish Ch. 8 Lesson 1 #1-7.